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Visitor centre Lychen

Lychen Visitor Centre (Besucherzentrum Lychen)

The Visitor Centre in Lychen boasts a spectacular visual display through time and space in the north-west of Uckermark.

Opened in 2003, the presentation in the administration building of the Uckermark Lakes Nature Park in Lychen depicts a vivid cross section of time and space in the north-west of Uckermark. There is in-depth information on the geological origins, the settlement history and the current landscape situation. Various recordings, a slide show with soundtrack and a film of the Nature Park – integrated in large photographic display panels – offer scores of suggestions for places to go, interesting sights to visit or special activities to do in the Nature Park. Visitors are taken on a journey which starts with the formation of a glacial lake, taking in Albrecht der Bär, the first Margrave of Brandenburg, rowanberry jam and the making of wooden shingles, and ends on a therapist's couch meditating while listening to an evening crane flight. Not to be missed!

Opening times:

Mon-Fri 8-15 hrs. (please give advance notice of group visits!)


  • Carriage ride through the "Kleine Schorfheide" wildlife sanctuary

  • Breathtaking close-ups of wildlife through the spotting scope

  • Late summer mule-drawn carriage rides

  • Organic refreshments in a goat's cheese dairy



Besucherzentrum Lychen
Zehdenicker Straße 1
17279 Lychen

Tel: (03 98 88) 6 45 30
Mail: np-uckermaerkische-seen @