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Visitor centre Wandlitz - the future gate to the nature park

BARNIM PANORAMA Wandlitz Visitor Centre (BARNIM PANORAMA Besucherzentrum Wandlitz)

The subjects of nature conservation and agriculture are combined under one roof in Brandenburg for the first time in a joint exhibition with the Wandlitz Agricultural Museum (Agrarmuseum Wandlitz) covering an area of 1650 m².

The exhibition shows how the landscape was formed during the ice age and how it has been put to use by man right up to the present day. There are many attractions, ranging from a herd of tractors in a glass-fronted hangar, a walk-on floor map and a show garden. Visitors can go on a journey through nature and history.
The modern complex is a pleasant place for a relaxing stroll through the grounds. The shop sells a wide range of local products illustrating the surprising diversity of the Barnim region. There are also plans to set up a nature trail designed to appeal primarily to children in allowing them to find out through play about the diversity of nature and its various building blocks, such as woodland, water and grassland. Guided tours and a varying programme of exhibitions and events are offered all year round. On an area of around 750 km², the nature reserve is the only large-scale conservation area shared by Berlin and Brandenburg. It is easy to reach from the capital by public transport on a fast and straightforward route. Places of interest to entice visitors include the Briesetal valley, the Bucher Forst forest, the Karower Teiche pond landscape, which is a favourite haunt among ornithologists, and the classic getaway destinations like Wandlitz and Liepnitzsee lake. The BARNIM PANORAMA in the heart of the nature reserve is an ideal starting point for all the activities.

Opening times:

Open all year round every day except Friday 10-18 hrs.


  • Guided tours through the exhibition on nature, agriculture and technology

  • Seasonal environmental education courses and activities for children

  • School trips & outings

  • Events, festivals, regional market and open-air classical music concerts

  • Winter wonders to discover in the Advent season

  • Marriage ceremonies in the lakeside room

Services in English:

  • Visitor Centre leaflet

  • Exhibition texts



Besucherzentrum Barnim Panorama
Naturparkzentrum Agrarmuseum Wandlitz
Breitscheidstr. 8-9
16348 Wandlitz

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