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Westhavelland Nature Park

(Naturpark Westhavelland)

Size:  1,315 km2

  • Great bustard tours in April and May

  • Starry night walks and talks

  • Guided tours on bird migration at Gülper See lake

  • Information on the NABU "Lower Havel" river restoration project

  • Trip to the oldest airfield in the world where Otto Lilienthal made his first attempts at flying

  • Pritzerbe cane weaving centre (Rohrweberei Pritzerbe)

  • "Lüttgen Dreetz" arboretum

Nestling in the lowlands of the lower River Havel on the border with Saxony-Anhalt and just 70 kilometres west of Berlin is the largest conservation area of Brandenburg extending over an area of 1,315 square kilometres. The Westhavelland Nature Park links up with the cross-border Middle Elbe Biosphere Reserve, and its boundaries are marked by the little towns of Neustadt/Dosse in the north, Pritzerbe in the south and Friesack in the east. The Nature Park boasts a high degree of ecological significance. The hydrological, geological and sociological conditions of the region are quite specific and are significant in giving distinction to the Nature Park.


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