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Schlaube Valley Nature Park

(Naturpark Schlaubetal)

Size:  227 km2

  • Flora and fauna unique to the walkers' paradise of the Schlaube Valley

  • Open heathland

Places to visit:
There is no way of avoiding the "Kloster Neuzelle" abbey. The traces left by the Cistercian monks are everywhere present. For five hundred years they tended vineyards to make wine and installed ponds to breed fish. Founded in 1286, the abbey survived the Reformation and existed until 1817. Today it is one of the few complete monastery complexes and it ranks among the largest baroque monuments in Germany. The landscape in the Schlaube Valley Nature Park as it is today was essentially formed 90,000 years ago in what is known as the "Brandenburg Stage" of the Vistulian glacial period. The landscape is characterised by the spillways of the Schlaube, Oelse, Demnitz and Dorche rivers and the great open countryside of the Reicherskreuzer Heide heathland. The diversity of the habitats is represented by a series of nature and landscape conservation areas covering around half of the Nature Park. Please observe the applicable statutory regulations when visiting these areas. The employees of the Nature Park, Friends of the Earth Germany (BUND) and the forest management authorities will be pleased to give you information and advice.


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