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Märkische Schweiz Nature Park

(Naturpark Märkische Schweiz)

Size:  205 km2

  • Near-natural deciduous forests and landscape with the character of low mountain ranges

  • Certified hiking paths "Wanderbares Deutschland" and "Natura Trail"

  • Observation posts at the Altfriedländer Teiche ponds, with sightings of over 30,000 geese in the migratory season

  • Open days at Ihlow for sale of local produce ("Offene Höfe Ihlow")

  • European Bicycle Route R1 ("Europaradwanderweg R1")

  • Julianenhof International Bat Museum (Internationales Fledermausmuseum Julianenhof)

Lakes and streams, deciduous forests, gorges and valleys, kettle basins and springs, marshes and fish ponds, fields, meadows and hedges – the Märkische Schweiz Nature Park features almost all the different landscapes found in the Brandenburg Marches. Brandenburg's smallest and oldest Nature Park is situated 60 kilometres east of Berlin. Covering an area of 205 square kilometres, the Nature Park was included in the National Park system of the GDR and allocated the status of a large conservation area back in 1990. Today ramblers following one of the paths in the 150-kilometre network of trials can see why the area is called the "Märkische Schweiz" or the Switzerland of the Brandenburg Marches. Idyllic little villages, traditional orchards, cottage gardens and hedgerows typify the rural scenery in the Märkische Schweiz, acting as reminders of the age-old interaction between mankind and nature. Almost the entire Nature Park is designated European bird sanctuary territory. One of the wonders of nature to see in the autumn is up to 40,000 bean geese and white-fronted geese. Their flight through the sky and their descent and landing on the ponds can be watched "live" from the observation posts in the Altfriedländer pond area. 


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