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Lower Lusatian Ridge Nature Park

(Naturpark Niederlausitzer Landrücken)

Size: 582 km2

  • Extensive woodland of the Rochauer Heide with capercaillie migration and settlement project

  • Calauer Schweiz and Gehrener Berge scenic hillwalking areas

  • Sielmann's natural landscape of Wanninchen

  • Marsh restoration and reclamation projects

  • Salt marshes with remarkable plant species

  • Autumn resting place for thousands of migratory birds and a series of topical events

  • Birdwatching days at the Stoßdorfer See lake, home to the largest black-headed gull colony in Brandenburg

  • Historic places of interest of Fürstlich Drehna and Altdöbern with palace and country park

Visitors can experience a unique transformation of the landscape in the Lower Lusatian Ridge Nature Park between Luckau and Calau. Decades of lignite mining have given way to a charming landscape with vast lakes, forests and dunes. Cranes, geese, goldeneyes and the rare hoopoe are finding a new home here in Sielmann's natural landscape of Wanninchen. The wooded land ridge, a striking range of hills, is an inviting place for walks in the Calauer Schweiz and Gehrener Berge ranges. A leisurely time can be spent cycling through the villages with their old fieldstone churches, strolling through the park and palace grounds in Altdöbern, and exploring the town of Sonnewalde and the historic centre of Luckau. Birdwatchers can expect a buzz of activity at Brandenburg's largest colony of black-headed gulls at the Stoßdorfer See lake. The Kornradenweg path between the Freilichtmuseum Höllberghof open-air museum in Langengrassau and the Schlabendorfer See lake also affords an interesting insight into the varied cultivated landscape. The Kranichradweg cycle path provides a direct route from the neighbouring Spreewald Biosphere Reserve to the Heinz Sielmann Nature Conservation Centre in Wanninchen (Heinz Sielmann Natur-Erlebniszentrum Wanninchen) which offers a variety of nature study exhibitions and nature discovery zones. Fürstlich Drehna is not far away, with its moated castle in a romantic setting in a traditional country estate with a nursery housing an exhibition about the Nature Park.  


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