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Lower Lusatian Heath Nature Park

(Naturpark Niederlausitzer Heidelandschaft)

Size:  484.3 km2

  • Fields of purple heather in late summer

  • Capercaillie recolonisation project in the Nature Park

  • Old sessile oak forests

  • Traditional orchards with show garden on the science of fruit cultivation and production

  • Mystical "Loben" moor

  • "Naturparadies Grünhaus" post-mining landscape

  • Oldest countryside in Brandenburg

  • Good network of cycle paths

  • Little Spreewald forest (Kleiner Spreewald) offering barge trips and boat trips

  • Carriage rides through heathland and traditional orchards

The Nature Park in the south of Brandenburg is a natural treasure chest with a variety of landscapes and cheerful people. The large forests with national natural heritage status offer space to walk, time to think and inner peace of mind. In late summer the heathland transforms into a sea of purple. Visitors taking a carriage ride can look over the shoulders of the shepherds watching their flocks of moorland sheep. There is the strong lure of the mystical "Loben" moor, the near-natural loops of the Kleine Elster river, the bizarre relics of past mining times, and rare animal and plant species. The mining of the earth's resources has left a legacy of living deserts and abundant lakes. The F60 Conveyor Bridge (Förderbrücke F60), the Louise Briquetting Plant (Brikettfabrik Louise) and the Plessa Power Station (Kraftwerk Plessa) can be visited as monuments of industrial heritage bearing witness to bygone eras. The romantic traditional orchards are a delight to the eye and to the palate, adding to the variety of scenery in the Nature Park with the changing seasons as the trees blossom and bear their fruit at harvest time. The show garden on the science of fruit cultivation and production in Döllingen (Pomologischer Schau- und Lehrgarten) is a special garden centre which grows over 400 old varieties of fruit. A leisurely cycle ride on the good network of paths is an enjoyable way to see the variety of countryside between the spa town of Bad Liebenwerda and the "singers' town" of Finsterwalde. Lovers of water-based activities will enjoy a canoe or dinghy trip along the Schwarze Elster river. The eating establishments along the way in the "Regionale Speisekarte" association will serve up the taste of the regional countryside and bring refreshment over a glass of local heathland beer ("Heidebräu") or cider.


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