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Dahme-Heideseen Nature Park

(Naturpark Dahme-Heideseen)

Size:  593.75 km2

  • More than 100 lakes surrounded by deciduous and coniferous forests

  • Salt marshes with rare animal and plant species

  • Sielmann's natural landscape of the Groß Schauener Seen lakes with fishery museum and viewing platform

  • 36-metre-high inland dune in Storkow

  • Excellent network of cycle paths and hiking trails

  • Several places to go on family days out

From above they look like sparkling blue gemstones strewn on green velvet: more than 100 lakes and seemingly endless swathes of woodland form the distinctive fabric of the landscape at the Dahme-Heideseen Nature Park. The area measuring some 600 square kilometres gets its "first name" from the River Dahme which flows through it from south to north. Large areas of woodland extending between the lakes, rivers and canals cover more than half of the Nature Park. The forest landscape is dominated by pine trees with their russet coloured trunks, a blue tinge to their green needles and their woody fragrance. The "Heide" part of the name of the Nature Park, meaning heathland, came from the frequent use of the word for the landscape of pine trees and sand. The change of different habitats, in some cases on a small scale, has brought about a great diversity of flora and fauna. The pine chafer, a cockchafer-like scarab beetle and the heraldic beast of the Nature Park, is also at home in the sweeping valley sands and vast dunes. The ecological peculiarity of this Nature Park is that, wide and diverse as they are, the habitats are not spread out in isolation like islands but are linked to each other. Sea eagles, ospreys and otters live in this largely untroubled landscape. The settlement in the Dahme-Heideseen area goes back to the Stone Age. Archaeological excavations near Klein Köris have shown that Germanic peoples lived in the region until the sixth century.


Naturparkverwaltung und Infopunkt
Arnold-Breithor-Str. 8
15754 Heideseen, OT Prieros

Tel.: 033768 9690

Besucherzentrum Burg Storkow
Schloßstr. 6
15859 Storkow (Mark)

Tel.: 033678 73108
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Open daily 10-17 hrs. (last admission to the exhibitions: 16 hrs.)

Photographs of the Dahme-Heideseen Nature Park

Burg Storkow (Foto: NP Dahme-Heideseen)