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Barnim Nature Park

(Naturpark Barnim)

Size: 748.70 km2, broken down as follows:

  • State of Berlin: 40.1 km2 = 5.4 per cent
  • Nature conservation areas: agreed/under application 71.59 km2 = 9.5 per cent
  • Landscape conservation areas: 501.9 km2 = 67 per cent
  • Woodland/forest: 55 per cent
  • Arable land: 26 per cent
  • Grassland: 6 per cent
  • Water: 3 per cent
  • Thoroughfares and settlements: 10 per cent

Barnim Nature Park is a large conservation area of 750 square kilometres shared by the states of Brandenburg and Berlin. Around 5.4 per cent of the area is in the districts of Pankow and Reinickendorf in the north of Berlin. The Brandenburg part of the Nature Park lies between Bernau, Bad Freienwalde, Eberswalde and Liebenwalde taking in the cycle path along the Liepnitzsee lake in the Barnim Nature Park and Oranienburg.

The large expanses of woodland and forest mainly characterise the landscape of the Nature Park. Then there are numerous lakes, marshes, virtually untrodden valleys and kettle basins. These small often moonlike watercourses are a habitat for the fire-bellied toad, which is the heraldic beast of the Nature Park.

There are places in this varied landscape where ruins of Slavonic and German castles bear witness to the history of the Barnim district and where imposing stonework and brickwork buildings constructed in the old traditional way and historic waterways – like the Finow Canal – bear testament to the economic ups and downs of the region.


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